Boys Junior Varsity Football, Boys Varsity Football · !!SENIOR NIGHT – OCT 25!!

This Friday, Oct. 25, at our last home football game, Seniors will be honored with their parents before the game. Please come out to support these players who have given so much time and sweat to this program as they talk about their favorite memories and give thanks back.

Football Senior Honorings begin at 6:30pm. Swim and XC Senior Honorings will take place at halftime.

Football Seniors:

Quenton Barger WR/DB/K – 4 yrs Varsity                         Caleb Cipolla WR/CB – 3 yrs Varsity

Andrew Cook WR/CB – 4 yrs Varsity                                   Hans Ford T/DE – 3 yrs Varsity

Isaiah Usher T/DE – 4 yrs Varsity                                        Christian LeClaire WR/CB – 2 yrs Varsity

Noah Melvin DE/G – 4 yrs Varsity                                       Cameron Nikjou WR/CB – 2 yrs Varsity

Carson Zilmer K/WR – 3 yrs Varsity                                    Lucas Weihmeir G – 2 yrs Varsity

Jake Hathaway C/DL – 3 yrs Varsity                                    Andrea Winiesdorffer & Claire Hahn – Team Managers


Quenton Barger    Andrew Cook         Isaiah Usher         Noah Melvin      Carson Zilmer


Jake Hathaway      Caleb Cipolla        Hans Ford         Christian LeClaire    Cameron Nikjou


Lucas Weihmeir        Andrea Winiesdorffer & Claire Hahn