2019 Summer Core and Speed Camp

strength of america

It’s that time again. The Titan Athletic Performance Camp begins June 3rd, 2019. If you are new to our summer camps, check out this link to learn more about the camp I host at Chandler Prep.

The camp is 4 days a week for 7 weeks;
1. Pre and Post Speed, Agility, Power, Weight and Waist
2. All fill out a fuel chart weekly until they learn to eat like an athlete for quicker recovery and more energy
3. Learn how to run more efficiently and how to build speed as they move
4. Quicker more powerful first step to get to the opening or create an opening
5. Bigger vertical jump and quicker rebounding skills
6. Control their melon, body control so they have quicker reactions
7. Learn how to help prevent knee injuries
8. 7th grade up they will also have weight training to learn how to lift properly to build muscle and body awareness
9. 4th grade up will all do 2 days of week of Speed and Agility and 2 days a week of Power and Core Strength as well as increased Stamina

This is like no other camp you have seen, mechanics are a part of every drill and movement, not just a conditioning camp. It’s a Performance Camp! Get an edge on the competition this summer and become YOUR BEST! 


For more information, contact Coach Bobby Davis at:

Bobby Davis
Chandler Prep. Strength & Speed Coach
Strength of America Inc.
1951 N Alma School Rd, Chandler, AZ 85224

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